Art Show:

Show Duration

January 17, 2019 - March 10, 2019


Artist Reception

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Patricia Cadenas

As a Cuban American having studied in Europe and America, Patricia Cadenas has been able to cultivate a diverse style marked by its versatility.

Specializing in murals, Cadenas has created some incredible works including a building-sized marine world for Toyota Corporation; a wonderful children's fantasy world for the pediatric intensive care unit at UCLA Medical Center; and a Tuscan scene painted on a ceiling for a cigar room in an estate home. You might have even seen her work in Ventura, as she’s one of the artists who painted one of the many colorful utility boxes around the city.

She tackles these huge projects solo, taking them from start to finish by herself. But murals are only part of the picture, as Cadenas has spent her 30 years in the art world working with faux finishes, trompe l’oeil, and commissioned paintings on canvas, making for a well-rounded body of work.

For more of Patricia Cadenas's work, visit her website here.


Patricia Fabysack

Patricia Fabysack has been passionate about art since she was a young child. Lacking funds for art supplies, she’d burn sticks and leaves and use the charcoal to draw on the concrete outside. This creative ingenuity led to the artist she is today, now using mixed media and wax to add literal depth to her art.

Originally from New York, Fabysack has now found inspiration in California, enjoying the temperate weather that allows exploration of nature year round. When creating realistic landscapes, she pays meticulous attention to the multiple planes of each element, creating unique paintings with layers of wax. This special paint, called “encaustic wax”, is a beeswax paint that is kept molten on a heated palette, then built up in thin, transparent layers on the canvas that lets light bounce through each layer.

This unique medium gives Fabysack the freedom to sculpt and incorporate mixed media or found objects in her art. The result is dimensional and ethereal, belying the challenges of working with heated wax.

For more of Patricia Cadenas's work, visit her website here.


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