Tribal tattoo engraved band in yellow gold


Initially, our client was unsure of how to get creative with his wedding band, and was about to choose a simple band. Then our associate noticed the tribal design tattooed on his arm - clearly it was very meaningful, so she suggested we convert the design into an engraving. The result looks incredible, and now he will wear his ring as proudly as his tattoo! Inquire how we can create your design or tattoo, too!

This piece can be replicated or modified for you. The stones can be similar or different types, sizes, or shapes, or even your stones. Therefore, please contact us for a quote.

Custom Process

For remote or local clients, custom design begins with a complimentary consultation. Once the design is finalized, we make it on-premises in our Ventura CA workshop: computer design, 3D printing, model, cast, setting, finishes. More on Custom Process

Ethically Made

Custom jewelry is manufactured with recycled gold or platinum in our workshop in Ventura CA. If desired, your diamonds and gemstones can also be recycled. More on Our Commitment


The cost of custom designed jewelry varies widely, depending on the design, the metal weight and the stones. Generally, custom jewelry begins at $1,500 and goes up from there. Contact us - we're happy to help!

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