Custom Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Ccustom engagement ringThe most important piece of jewelry is usually your engagement ring or wedding band. It is symbolic, always visible, a larger investment than most other jewelry, and you wear it for the rest of your life! Diamond engagement rings and matching wedding bands are the perfect fit for custom rings. Get some creative ideas from old or inherited jewelry you have.

Our jewelry designers will assist you in determining exactly what you want, finding a solution that matches your budget and lifestyle. Enjoy an engagement ring that is uniquely yours, that you’ll never see on someone else’s finger! Personalize your rings with engraving by Master Engraver and owner, George Fox. See our custom design gallery for examples.

Custom Wedding Rings to match your engagement ring

Many brides already have their engagement ring, and are looking for the matching wedding band. Since the side of an engagement ring is usually not flat, almost all wedding bands worn with it will not fit snugly, rocking side to side. This doesn’t look very good, and wears out both rings quite quickly. To fix this, we’ll take an exact impression of your engagement ring and custom make a wedding band that is a perfect fit.

Custom wedding bands waxes

 Do you have a halo engagement ring? Here's what you need to know about wedding bands for halo engagement rings.

The custom process
Design your engagement ring

Custom Engagement Ring Benefits:

  • Use inherited diamonds, gems, gold or platinum
  • Get exactly what you want, that is unlike anyone else’s
  • Get matching wedding rings for the two of you, or rings with a similar design element
  • Share the experience of making your wedding rings together
  • Use our recycled gold, platinum, diamonds and gems