Jewelry Repair

Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in jewelry repair, from ring sizing to delicate platinum jewelry restorations. For your security, we photograph, describe and insure every piece of jewelry. Your jewelry stays secure at Fox Fine Jewelry, locked at all times except when we are working on it. Jewelry repairs are done on-premises in our workshop under the guidance of our owner, George Fox, Certified Gemologist and Master Jeweler. 

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Dropping off jewelry to repair or restyle:

All jewelry consultants at Fox Fine Jewelry are certified in jewelry and gemology. We’ll begin with inspecting the security of your jewelry. We’re looking for worn or broken prongs, so you don’t lose any diamonds or gems. We’re also looking for worn supporting struts or links. A simple repair can save you from losing your pendant or bracelet when a link wears through!

Our cleaning station is right behind the counter in full view, so we can clean your jewelry when needed to inspect it better. We’ll check that your gemstones or diamonds are secure and tight, and we’ll ask you questions so we can recommend the best repair for you. Finally, we’ll give you an exact quote and due date.

The security of your jewelry is paramount at Fox Fine Jewelry. We photograph and describe your jewelry in our system, and insure it. Detailed instructions are written, and you’re given a receipt with the photos and full documentation. Then we lock up your jewelry.


How long do repairs take?

Most repairs take a few days to two weeks, depending upon the extent of the repair and if we have any necessary parts in stock. You will be given a specific due date, which will be noted on your receipt. There are many steps each repair goes through, so we run our repairs in batches to keep our prices down. If you’d like your repair sooner, including while you wait, we’re happy to do so! Please note there is a small rush charge.

How do I pick up my repairs?

You don’t have to keep track of when your repair is ready! We’ll email you when your jewelry is ready. You don’t need your receipt - for your security, you will be required to show your photo ID, and we’ll only release your jewelry to people listed on your account, or people you have specifically preauthorized.

Have any old or broken jewelry that you won’t be wearing? Bring it in and we’ll give you a 30% bonus for store credit, which you can use towards your repair or anything else at Fox Fine Jewelry.

Repair Prices

Prices depend upon many factors. We’ll give you a quote when we see your jewelry, but here are some common prices:

Fix broken chains – most are $24

Replace broken clasps – most are $24 plus the cost of the clasp

Repair a broken tip or prong – begins at $48. When one prong holding a stone breaks, the other prongs usually need work too. We don’t want you to spend money to have us fix a prong, and then lose your diamond or gem because a different prong broke! For your security, we’ll often recommend replacing the entire piece holding the stone (called a crown or head). Prices to replace a crown vary, and we’ll give you an exact quote so you can choose either prong repair or crown replacement.

Ring sizing -  prices begin at $59 and vary depending upon:
·         the type of metal (10kt, 14kt, 18kt, platinum, silver or palladium)
·         the width of the bottom of the ring (called the shank)
·         the number of diamonds or gems in the ring (we tighten the prongs on everyone!)
·         the number of sizes we are going up or down

When rings are sized, the curve of the ring tightens (when sizing down) or flattens (when sizing up). This tends to loosen the prongs that hold your diamonds and gemstones. At Fox Fine Jewelry we take the extra step to tighten every single prong on every stone. We polish and rhodium plate (“dip”) your white gold ring, so that it is shiny and bright white again.

We fix rings and jewelry that other jewelers say simply can’t be repaired because we’ve invested in the latest equipment and training. We repair all metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium and costume jewelry.

Many people want to reset diamonds or gemstones from pieces they no longer wear or have inherited. We can reuse your metal or give you credit for it, and discuss the many options available to you. Custom designed jewelry is our specialty!