Diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium

Looking for a diamond?

Have our Gemologist and owner sort through thousands in Antwerp, Belgium. He uses his instruments and keen eye to personally select your diamond!

We travel annually to Antwerp, Belgium to shop for our clients and our store. If we're shopping for you, we'll discuss what you're looking for, always aware of your budget. It's best if you can visit us so we can show you our loose diamonds in stock. We use the most advanced tools and lighting so you can learn and compare. You'll see in person what different clarities, colors and sizes look like. You'll also see the difference between an excellent cut and one that isn't. (Hint - poor cuts look dull and lifeless, no surprises there!)

Once we know all of your diamond details, we'll pull one from our large stock or go looking. We know what to look for to find a spectacular diamond at the best price possible. We know that's what you want. Over the years, we've helped thousands and based on their reviews, they've been very, very happy.

If it's near the fall, you can have us shop for you in Antwerp, Belgium. It's pretty exciting to have us travel to Europe and sort through thousands of diamonds for you! Diamonds are very unique, and when two diamonds are graded exactly the same by the same lab, there is often a world of difference. This is why when you browse diamonds online, you see such a difference in price between diamonds of the same grade. It's because they're not the same.

Each diamond that makes it to Fox Fine Jewelry is personally selected by George Fox, our owner, GIA Graduate Gemologist and AGS Certified Gemologist. He’s looking for the best cut, and the best value. Often George will save you money when he finds diamonds that have been mistakenly under graded. We can obtain GIA, AGS or EGL reports on any diamond.

Hard at work in Antwerp picking out the best diamonds.

Purchasing a Diamond

Thinking of buying your diamond online? There certainly are nice diamonds online! Online buyers do have a significant disadvantage in that they aren't usually experienced or educated, and they can't compare diamonds side-by-side, with correct lighting and tools. But while you may not get as nice of a diamond, you may get a slightly lower price.

Our experience is that diamond vendors retain the nicer diamonds with a better value to sell to their retailers. Retailers purchase large quantities and that relationship is important to the vendor. Diamonds picked over by retailers ends up online. We want to stress that there are beautiful diamonds online! But the odds are not nearly as high. Therefore, we recommend that you view and purchase your diamond in person. In this day of ample information and competitive pricing, the price differential is minimal and prices are often the same. Click here to see more about online versus retail.


Antwerp Diamonds

Benefits of diamonds direct from Antwerp, Belgium

  • Get a larger carat size diamond, and/or a better quality diamond
  • Be confident working with your personal shopper, George Fox, AGS Certified Gemologist
  • Largest selection of all colors, including white, black, chocolate and yellow diamonds
  • GIA, AGS and EGL diamond reports available

From colorless to colored diamonds, in all shapes and sizes, we’ll help you select the diamond that is exactly right for you. We’ve helped thousands just like you in our 45 years of experience.

Call us or contact us for your Antwerp diamond!